Jordan berated by fans in Italy: a lament from America's Yang Yi

Jordan berated by fans in Italy: a lament from America's Yang Yi

Two days ago, a fan ran into Michael Jordan in Italy and after one fan started imitating a goat bleating (Goat = Goat = Best Ever), a group of fans all started bleating after Jordan.

The video caused an uproar online, with famous American commentator Stephen A. Smith giving his opinion. He said, "It saddens me that we have to travel across the ocean to a foreign country to meet people who recognize Jordan as the best of all time - Americans should understand that."

Smith added, "It's a tragedy that young people in America now think that someone else is the GOAT! It's a tragedy that these ramshackle cries are happening in Italy and not in America!"

"People overseas understand without a doubt who the real GOAT is," Smith said.

Smith's comments drew a lot of heat from netizens. Some netizens said, "Smith is right, Jordan is the real GOAT, the others don't even deserve it." Some netizens also said, "This is just a fan's personal opinion, there is no need to rise to the national level."

In any case, Jordan was touted by fans in Italy, and the incident proved once again Jordan's global influence. He is not only a legend of American basketball, but also an icon to basketball fans all over the world. In the fashion world, it is rare to find a product that meets all the requirements - affordable, comfortable, stylish and versatile. air jordan 1 green and black,air jordan 1 mid dicks not only meets these requirements, but also exceeds expectations in every way.